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HKS ADD-II Oil Additive

HKS ADD-II Oil Additive

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ADD-II Oil Additive by HKS

Organic molybdenum-based engine oil treatment to reduce friction and anti-wear for the life of your engine.

Mo-DTC, an organic molybdenum friction reducer, reduces the friction coefficient of the internal parts by 50% compared to the utilization of the engine oil itself. You will experience a quieter engine noise and improved engine response immediately. 

With this product, the rapid effect is enhanced by the addition of an effect booster. 

The strong oil film created by HKS's original base oil blend has a synergistic effect with the friction-reducing effect of Mo-DTC and protects the engine components from wear. Especially effective for dry starts. 

Highly recommended if your car's mileage has increased and you are concerned about engine mechanical noise.


  • Rapid-acting Organic Molybdenum Oil Additive
  • Prevent Wear and Tear on Pistons, Con-rods, Crank, and some internal parts of the engine.


  • Decreases Engine Noise
  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Increases Longevity of the Engine

Please Note: Cannot be used with two-stroke engines, vehicles where the engine and transmission share the same oil or motorcycles.

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