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Advan RS-DF Progressive Wheel 18x9.5 5x114.3 45mm Racing Titanium Black- Set

Advan RS-DF Progressive Wheel 18x9.5 5x114.3 45mm Racing Titanium Black- Set

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The RS-DF is the first one-piece mold-form forged wheel to bear the Advan Racing RS name. It is based on the traditional RS 10-spoke design, and creating a fusion of all RS elements such as the side cut on the RSII and the deep rim on the RS-D. the DF in the name stands for deep forged.

The RS-DF Progressive adopted the same rim form as the GT-18-inch, a racing rim profile that can accept braking systems with up to 400mm rotors. The front rim is 34 mm deep, five choices of concave spokes, ranging from Concave-1 to Concave-5, the same as the GT 18-inch models.

The 10-spoke design of RS-DF wheels show superior stress dispersal, giving them an advantage in weight compared to GT 18-inch. Perhaps to shed even more weight without sacrificing strength, the spokes are side cut on both sides using the "advanced side cut" process. In the center of the wheel, the spokes bend at a sharp angle to ensure ample caliper clearance. At the same time, this creates a design that emphasizes a feeling of depth and a tough, machine-cut image. The knurled rim is an anti-tire-slip feature makes sure the tires stay put no matter what, and it's standard on all sizes.

18-inch RS-DF Progressive still have logos of ADVAN Racing, FORGED machined on the center part, the same as 19-inch models. Like all wheels bearing the Advan Racing name, the three-dimensional ADVAN Racing FORGED logo is machined into the wheel center.

The RS-DF is available in Machining & Racing Hyper Silver with Diamond Cut Finish machining on deep rims, Racing Gloss Black with full gloss black all over, and Racing Hyper Bronze finishes.


  • Finish: Racing Titanium Black
  • Size: 18x9.5
  • PCD: 5x114.3
  • Offset: 45
  • Bore: 73/73
  • Concave: C-4.


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