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AMS Alpha Performance R35 GTR Cooling Kit

AMS Alpha Performance R35 GTR Cooling Kit

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The Alpha GTR Cooling System upgrades the current engine cooling system with a quality, race spec, radiator along with an extremely efficient transmission cooler and an additional in-line engine oil cooler. Simply upgrading one or two of the cooling systems just isn't enough because all the systems affect each other. By upgrading every portion of the GTR cooling systems, the Alpha cooling package is the most effective and comprehensive on the market allowing you to stay on track longer and safer than ever before!

Street Kit Includes:
• AMS designed, Griffin built dual pass radiator
• Laminova liquid to liquid transmission cooler
• Setrab engine oil cooler with built in windshield wiper reservoir
• Aluminum shroud
• Billet adapter fittings
• Heat shielding on lines and hoses
• All necessary lines, hoses, gaskets, clamps and hardware for a hassle free installation
• Detailed installation instructions

Race Kit Also Includes:
• Carbon Fiber Duct
• Additional air to liquid Setrab oil cooler
• Urethane shroud
• Lines and mounting hardware

Exclusive Benefits:
• The most complete and comprehensive cooling package available
• Upgrades every cooling system on your GT-R
• Dual pass radiator for ultimate efficiency
• Laminova, high volume, liquid-to-liquid, transmission cooler
• Additional engine oil cooler while maintaining a windshield wiper fluid reservoir
• 2 configurations for light or heavy track use
• All components work together to yield maximum results
• OEM fitment and quality components
• Allows you to stay on track longer than ever before

Shipping Times:
Ships from AMS 2-5 weeks on average.

More Info:
From the factory, your GT-R's engine and transmission share the same inadequate cooling system. Thus, prolonged street abuse or even short stints in racing conditions cause components in the engine and transmission to overheat. This breaks down the engine and transmission oils and will ultimately cause the GT-R to fall into limp mode or shut down. As a solution, the AMS engineering team spent the past year developing, testing and perfecting the most advanced cooling solution for your R35 GT-R.

Alpha Radiator: The factory radiator is replaced with a larger, Griffin made, dual pass, all-aluminum unit. The dual pass design increases the fluid velocity through the core which promotes greater heat transfer. The Alpha radiator uses all the OEM mounting hardware and has provisions to mount the A/C condenser in the factory location.

Alpha Transmission Cooler: Another key component is the Laminova, high volume, liquid-to-liquid, transmission cooler. The cylindrical design of the heat exchanger within the cooler maximizes contact area for the transmission fluid through thousands of heat dissipating fins. This design offers 20% more cooling efficiency than a traditional style air to oil cooler used by the competitors.

Alpha Oil Cooler: Finally, to ensure the oil within your GT-R's engine maintains its necessary lubricating properties, the Alpha Cooling Kit addresses the inadequate factory engine oil cooler by adding an additional cooler in series. The new Setrab cooler doubles the frontal area in the system exposed to cool, dense, outside air - drastically reducing oil temperatures prior to it returning to the engine.

Regardless of what type of performance modifications you have, hard driving or warm climate conditions will cause your GT-R to run hot. You'll need the Alpha GT-R Cooling System to keep your operating temperatures down, prevent limp mode conditions and eliminate the possibility of catastrophic engine or transmission failure.

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