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AMS Red Alpha Cold Air Intake | 2016-2021 Infiniti Q50 3.0TT / 17-21 Q60 3.0TT

AMS Red Alpha Cold Air Intake | 2016-2021 Infiniti Q50 3.0TT / 17-21 Q60 3.0TT

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Infiniti Q50/Q60 3.0TT Red Alpha Cold Air Intake Kit by AMS Performance

TheINFINITI Q50/Q60 Red Alpha Cold Air Intake Kit is simply the best engineered, best performing, cold air intake system available for your INFINITI VR30 equipped Q50 and Q60. By letting the turbos ingest all the cold air they need, AMS' intake system boosts power exactly where you want it, high in the rpm range. In addition, it allows you to hear your twin turbos spool up which is something you as an enthusiast can really appreciate. AMS Performance is excited to introduce theINFINITI Q50/Q60 Red Alpha Cold Air Intake Kit!

The focused design of the INFINITI Q50/Q60 Red Alpha Cold Air Intake Kit is what makes it the highest power producing Q50 and Q60 VR30 intake system on the market, and the only intake system chosen by INFINITI USA to be part of Infiniti’s Motorsports Catalog.

The main components of the INFINITI Q50/Q60 Red Alpha Cold Air Intake Kit are the sealed cold air intake boxes. The SnailWorks© Engineering Team knows that heat is the biggest power robbing factor that plagues other inferior intake systems. That is why they designed the Red Alpha air boxes to seal out blistering engine bay temperatures. They then took advantage of your car’s existing intake cowl that funnels fresh air into the intake boxes by designing air box openings that match up perfectly to its air ducts. Their Engineers did not stop there. When they focused on the other system components they found even more places to improve the design.

The INFINITI Q50/Q60 Red Alpha Cold Air Intake Kit’s dry media air filters feature a revolutionary integrated bell horn. The AMS Engineering Team designed a bell horn right into the design of the filter. This takes the clean, cold air, that is fed into the system through the dry media filters and smoothly transitions it into the stock MAF housings. This design feature eliminates the turbulence that leads to the power loss, instability, and “bucking” of other intake systems. The last piece to focus on was the silicone that feeds the cold air into the two Garrett turbos.

The air boxes and the dry media filters are part of a system that is designed to smoothly feed air into the VR30’s twin turbos. To continue the concept of delivering the cold air as smoothly as possible to the turbos the Red Alpha silicone couplers needed to follow suit. So, their Engineers designed the silicone to seamlessly transition the cold air into the turbos. To take the design even further they added wire reinforcement into the construction of the silicone to ensure that they maintained their shape from the crushing vacuum forces of the turbos.


  • True Cold Air Intake
  • Sealed Intake Boxes
  • Dry Media Filters
  • Built-in Bell Horn Filter Design
  • Utilizes Stock MAF Housing
  • Wire Reinforced Silicone
  • Silicone is Designed for Smooth Air Delivery
  • Only Intakes Chosen By INFINITI USA for their Motorsport Catalog

Please Note:

  • This intake system is now available with carbon fiber intake lids! You can buy the Red Alpha Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake Kit, complete with the new lids. Or you can purchase the Red Alpha Carbon Fiber Intake Lids separately.
  • The filters use specially designed media that allows performance and efficiency to be restored to near new each time by simply using compressed air (30-40 psi) from the inside out, making frequent washing unnecessary in order to restore filter performance. For a deep cleaning from extreme environments, a biodegradable cleaner such as Simple Green or other mild shop degreasers can be used. Simply place the filter in a solution or spray the cleaner on the filter. Allow the solution to loosen the particulate and then rinse thoroughly. Shake the filter or use compressed air from the inside outward to remove residual water and allow a full day or two to dry.


  • 2016 - 2021 Infiniti Q50 3.0TT
  • 2017 - 2021 Infiniti Q60 3.0TT


  • Avg of +17whp Gain w/ Alpha Tune
  • NO Check Engine Light
  • No Surging or Drivability Issues
  • Easy Install Needs No Special Tools

What's In The Box?

  • 2 - Sealed Air Boxes
  • 2 - Dry Media Air Filters
  • Silicone Couplers



  • AMS Limited Product and Labor Warranty. This warranty applies to AMS parts and begins on the invoice date of part purchase and ends twelve (12) months or 12,000 miles from that date, whichever occurs first.


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