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Battery Relocation Kit

Battery Relocation Kit

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We have had a lot of people calling to order the OEM Evo X battery parts that can be used to relocate the battery to the trunk, so STM created this kit to include the OEM Evo X wiring joint, cover and fuse block as well as new hardware to connect your wires. The Evo X comes from the factory with the battery mounted in the trunk and these are the same OEM Mitsubishi parts used. This kit can be custom installed in almost any vehicle.

Whether you simply want more room in your engine bay, want to redistribute weight to the rear or are worried about the heat in the engine compartment, the reasons for relocating the battery can vary greatly, so the STM Battery Relocation Kit simply includes the correct OEM Mitsubishi parts that will work no matter your goal!

This is an extensive, do-it-yourself install and will require custom brackets and wiring - which is not included. You will need to source these or make them on your own. Includes only what is pictured and listed below.

(1) 8571A017 OEM Evo X Wiring Joint
(1) 8571A018 OEM Evo X Joint Cover
(1) 8571A019 OEM Evo X Fuse Block
(1) M8 Flange Nut
(3) M6 Bolts (0161811)
(8) M6 Flange Nuts

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