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BMW 2-Piece Control Arm Kit - Lemforder E36ARMSL

BMW 2-Piece Control Arm Kit - Lemforder E36ARMSL

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FCP Euro ID:

OE Numbers

31126758513, 31126758514

MFG Numbers

2592401, 2592501

This Kit Includes

Qty Part SKU Brand Price
1 Suspension Control Arm LEM-2592401 Lemforder logo $83.99
1 Suspension Control Arm LEM-2592501 Lemforder logo $87.99

Product Information

2 piece control arm kit featuring OEM Lemforder control arms

The E36 3-series has become a popular classic for many enthusiasts to restore. The E36 3-series features a front suspension consisting of lower wishbones with bushings and a strut assembly. While the front suspension may seem like a simple design it is very effective while is why so many use E36's as race cars.

The weak link of the E36 is it's control arm ball joints and control arm bushings. These components wear out over years of driving and countless of thousands miles of driving. The ball joints are known to deteriorate and have excessive amounts of play. The control arm bushings are also known to tear completely allowing the control arm to move freely. Both of these failures typically result in the following issues:

  • Clunking and popping can be heard when vehicle travels over bumps or dips in the road
  • Your steering feels disconnected from the rest of the car
  • Vehicle is slow to react to steering input
  • Vehicle wanders around and has difficulty driving in straight line
  • Vehicle cannot be aligned properly due to play in suspension components

It is good practice to replace these components if your BMW has more than 80K miles on original factory components. Mileage required for change may be less if the car is driven harder than average (autocross, track days, etc.)

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