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Brian Crower Camshafts F20c/F22c

Brian Crower Camshafts F20c/F22c

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The only Honda engine designed to sit longitudinally for the rear wheel drive S2000 (named for it's 1997cc displacement), this is Honda's answer to 4 cylinder high performance, high engine rpm (8900 rpm factory redline). Similar to the K Series engine in terms of mechanical roller cam profiles and roller rocker followers, the S2000 engine is used in a variety racing applications. The F20C engine is found in the 00-03 USDM S2000 and the 00-05 JDM S2000 while the F22C is used to service the 04-up USDM chassis and has just replaced the F20C in the 2006 JDM S2000. Similar in terms of compression and cam specifications, the F22C features a longer stroke for added displacement and increased torque.


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