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Bride Zeta IV - Gradation / Silver FRP Shell

Bride Zeta IV - Gradation / Silver FRP Shell

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New standard model
Standard shape of BRIDE full bucket seat derived from ergonomics and human skeleton. Based on the knowledge cultivated in the ZETA series, the newly-developed ZETA IV can be installed in many vehicle types and can be used regardless of the competition category. ZETA is the best seller of BRIDE full bucket seat standard model since 1990. This was designed to match the human skeleton and body shape, and considered for the safety of road driving, circuit driving and other motorsports. ZETA is the racing comfort model.

Shell design and hold performance considering safety
The new shell shape and the vertical slits in the back cushion improve the fit from the headrest to the back, shoulders, and can keep the appropriate driving position for a long time without difficulty. The shape design with the thigh lifted prevents the submarine phenomenon (a phenomenon in which the occupant sinks in the forward downward direction) during hard braking or collision accident.

Advanced material and Manufacturing method
By adding more high-performance materials to the FRP shells (glass fiber and aramid fiber) that have been used so far, the shell rigidity has been increased by 15%. The seat cushion and thigh cushion, which are in close contact with the body, have newly adopted molded urethane to improve comfort and durability for long driving.

LOWMAX system is used in ZETA series
The shoulder size is reduced to 560mm, and the LOWMAX system, which has been used only for some full bucket seats and reclining seats, has been introduced for ZETA. So the "seat center = handle center", which was difficult with conventional design, was made with a larger number of vehicle types.

**Compatible with the following seat rail types: FB, FG, FK, FO, FX, IG**
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