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Kthnxbye Racing

Kthnxbye RacingPower pack- EvoX brake kit

Kthnxbye RacingPower pack- EvoX brake kit

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Hi here your seeing the kthnxbye Racing brake set up that we like to run our cars who come through Kthnxbye Racing Have 3 we have set ups from street car to track set ups. 

Our rotor options 

-Stoptech blanks, great street rotors can be used for hpde/autox type events as well. Will increase longevity to your rotors and run minimal risk of finding a weak spot and cracking from the cut part of the rotor for drills/ slots 

- DBA 4000, these are a a great overall rotor. Can withstand the track heat if you decide to get out there but also a great street rotor. I love the design on these as well and usually a great conversation starter in the parking lots

-Girodisc 2-piece rotors highly recommended for track use but these also do well on the streets but may sheer your brake pad life a lot quicker than you'd like for a street car. Re usable rotor hats so once you need to replace the rotors just get a new set of rotor rings and your good to go! 

For brake pads: 

- Hawk hps for if your more of a street car with Smooth braking feel, low dust, minimal noise 

- hawk HP+ these can handle some track temps as well as not need to be super hot to work efficiently on the street. These will make a little noise on the streets though and can be a little dusty

-hawk dtc-60 these are not recommended for street, high dust lot of noise but when you need to stop in a hurry these are what you need good for temps up to 1600°F


All kits will include stoptech stainless brake lines. 

 Front comes as a pair (2 rotors, set of brake pads, of your choosing + stainless lines) 


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