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Eagle H-Beam Rods for VQ35DE 350Z/G35

Eagle H-Beam Rods for VQ35DE 350Z/G35

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Eagle forged 4340 steel H-Beam rods for VQ35DE 350Z and G35. Available with your choice of rod bolts, ARP 2000 for 1500HP or ARP 625+ for 1800HP. Includes the full set of 6 rods with rod bolts. Please do all your research and consult your engine builder if necessary before purchase.

Vehicle Fitment:
2003-2006 Nissan 350Z
2003-2007 Infinity G35

Important Notes:
Torque to 43 ft-lbs, use ARP moly lube ONLY!

Forged 4340 steel H-Beam connecting rods are forged from a two-piece forging and feature a fully machined and shot-peened surface. Sizing is held to exact tolerances. Sold as a weight-matched set. Recommended for competition use.

Additional Rod Specs:
• Material: Forged 4340 Steel
• Center to Center Length: 5.68"
• Pin Size: 0.866"
• Pin End Width: 0.82"
• Rod Journal: 0"
• Housing Bore: 2.167"
• Big End Width: 0.815"
• Typical Weight: 555G
• Bushed for Full-Floating Piston Pin

Purchase Includes:
(6) Rods with Bolts

What's the difference between H-Beam and Extreme Duty?
The H-Beam rods are rated for 900 HP, come with ARP 2000 rod bolts and the part numbers end with 3D. The Extreme Duty rods are rated for 1200 HP, come with ARP 625+ bolts and the part numbers end with XD.

Eagle H-Beam (3D) 3rd Gen Design rods utilize large-scale manufacturing to keep costs low, but only use ASME-certified 4340 steel, ARP bolts and silicon-bronze bushings. Eagle H-Beam rods are the preferred choice for high horsepower, high RPM competition engines utilizing nitrous, forced induction or exotic fuels. The 3D H-Beam rods come with 3/8" ARP 2000 bolts. These are recommended for use up to 900hp (4 cyl) and 1500hp (6 cyl) in turbocharged applications.

Eagle Extreme Duty (XD) rods feature the same time-tested 3rd generation design, but further surface polishing improves fatigue life by removing microscopic pits and inclusions where fatigue cracks begin. In addition, ARP's premium fastener material, Custom Age 625+, is used. ARP Custom Age 625+ material boasts a typical tensile strength of 245,000 psi vs. ARP 2000's 220,000 psi. It comes with a hefty price tag, though. The rods are not for the faint of heart. Power ratings have not been established for these rods. Honestly, we just haven't had any fail yet. They are not indestructible, though. We feel the power capabilities to be somewhere in the 1200 hp range for 4 cylinder and 1800 hp for 6 cylinder applications.

Eagle rods have been performing flawlessly in street and strip motors for years. There proprietary forged H-Beam design is not only one of the strongest designs available, but its one of the lightest also. Being able to rev quickly is the major advantage of this H-Beam rod. Being able to be rated right out of the box to 600 Wheel Horsepower is the Eagle rods killer feature.

Every Eagle rod is heat treated for durability in a racing engine, they are then stress relieved for superior rigidity, and then machined for final fitment and 100% dead on tolerances.


  • Rod Length: 5.945"
  • Design: Forged H-Beam
  • Fasteners: ARP 3/8" 2000 Series Rod Bolts
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