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Fortune Auto Remote Damper Controller

Fortune Auto Remote Damper Controller

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Fortune Auto Remote Damper Controller

Fortune Auto is proud to introduce the new Fortune Auto Remote Damper Controller. The RDC offers additional convenience and efficiency for tuning your suspension's rebound damping on the fly. The RDC is equipped with an intuitive interface and contemporary display to effortlessly control the damping force of your Fortune Auto Suspension.

The Remote Damper Controller has a compact, slim profile to easily integrate the display into your vehicle's interior or keep it hidden in an easily accessible compartment. The design allows for the wire to be ran to either side of the unit for a stealth installation.

The RDC also utilizes low profile adjustment cables which allows the electronic servos to be placed away from the top of the damper. This reduces bulkiness and allows more space for strut bars and other obstructions.


  • Intuitive Interface & Contemporary Display
  • Compact, Slim Profile for Easy/Stealthy Integration
  • Individual Front & Rear Damping Adjustment
  • Set and Assign Custom Damping Presets


  • Universal

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - Remote Damper Controller
  • 2 - Control Modules
  • 4 - Electronic Servos
  • 4 - Low Profile Adjustment Cables
  • 1 - Wiring Harness


  • Manufacturer Standard Warranty
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