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Girodisc Front Rotors for the GR Corolla 2023+

Girodisc Front Rotors for the GR Corolla 2023+

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Girodisc's Core Values:
High quality craftmanship using US-sourced materials
The ultimate in customer service, before and after each sale
We are an employee-focused company

Girodisc is committed to creating a just and ethical work environment that is dedicated to innovation, quality, employee/customer safety and personal development. We minimize our impact on the environment by recycling all raw materials scrap and packaging, sourcing all raw materials form US suppliers, and using our 75kw solar array to offset energy usage in our manufacturing facility.

Girodisc Occupies a unique Place in the Brake Industry Market - Girodisc was created in 2003 to solve a longstanding problem facing drivers and preparers of high-performance vehicles that are pushed to their limits on street or track:

How can you upgrade the brake rotors in performance cars so that they will perform as well as the rest of the braking system?
Brake rotors have long been seen as the weak link in performance car braking systems, particularly for track use. Conventional brake rotors are heavy, adding unsprung weight that adversely affects handling. These old-school rotors also retain heat, diminishing their effectiveness and resulting in longer stopping distances.

Girodisc is the First Direct Replacement 2-Piece Brake Rotor for Performance cars!

We threw out the conventional wisdom that has been applied to performance braking systems when we created Girodisc. Girodisc rotors are a completely new, advanced, and cost-effective component that will take your car?s braking performance to the next level ? without the need to replace your entire braking system:

Direct replacement for stock rotors - works with your existing brake system
Two-piece precision design and construction for reduced unsprung weight
Increased ventilation and cooling capacity for improved performance
Full-floating design for better pedal feel and modulation
All raw materials sourced from US suppliers for the highest quality and sustainability
Get the benefits of 2-piece rotors while retaining the rest of your braking system
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