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Greddy Adjustable Cam Gear Toyota 2JZ-GTE

Greddy Adjustable Cam Gear Toyota 2JZ-GTE

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2JZ/1JZ Adjustable Cam Gear

Designed to help maximize engine performance, these CNC machined GReddy adjustable Camshaft Gears allow for precise tuning of 2JZ / 1JZ valve timing. Clearly laser-engraved with 20 degrees of advance and 20 degrees of retard with 2degree increments, and a secure five-bolt, slotted design, allows for easy and precise adjustment. It has lightweight but strong billet aluminum construction that features a blue anodized centers and a hard-anodized outer ring, to reduce wear. They are compatible with both intake and exhaust cams on non-VVTI engines and the exhaust for the VVTI models. An ideal match, when installing the cam gears is our p/n 135145502 extreme timing belt for the 2JZ-GTE (or 13514501 for the 1JZ-GTE)

Intake or Exhaust
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