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JDC Bumper Exhaust Guards for 09-16 Nissan GT-R

JDC Bumper Exhaust Guards for 09-16 Nissan GT-R

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Keep the rear bumper of your GT-R clean and protected from carbon buildup with the JDC Bumper Exhaust Guards.

Aside from adding an aggressive look to the rear of any GT-R, the JDC Exhaust Guards will protect your rear bumper and paint finish from carbon buildup and excess heat. 

This buildup can be especially prevalent with aftermarket exhaust installed and even more so with catless systems and E85. These guards are made from some of the highest quality automotive grade vinyl available today, the JDC Exhaust Guards are guaranteed to remain looking great and in one piece for a long time. 

These are available in glossy carbon fiber (as seen in video), gloss black, or flat black. Installation shouldn't take any longer than 30 minutes, and you can find an installation video below. 

All guards come with a 90 day manufacturer's warranty against abnormal cracking or fading. JDC is not responsible for mistakes made during installation, but we will do our best to assist you if it happens. 


These exhaust guards are not fire proof and may melt if your Godzilla breathes flames constantly. These are made to keep the rear bumper clean and reduce the chances of your paint fading due to the heat. JDC is not liable for any damages caused to the car due to flames or misuse of this product. Please boost responsibly!

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