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Haltech IC-7 Color Display Dash

Haltech IC-7 Color Display Dash

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Haltech IC-7 Color Display Dash

Designed and manufactured in Australia with motoring enthusiasts in mind, the IC-7 offers market-leading features in a unique, state-of-the-art package. Featuring auto-dimming ambient light reactive brightness, user-programmable multi-colour shift light bar, the IC-7 connects directly to all current Haltech ECUs via a CAN network. The IC-7 can also connect directly (via CAN) to most late model vehicles using the factory OBD-II port.

IC-7 Software

The IC-7 is configured using a brand new, intuitive software. With this software you can change various aspects of the dash behavior including:

  • Ranges of channels. Eg. the maximum RPM on a needle style tacho or a bar graph
  • Red ranges for channels. Eg. when a numeric display changes to red, red zone on a tacho
  • Display units. Eg. metric or imperial, Lambda or AFR
  • The channel to be displayed at each location on the screen
  • The connection method. Eg. Haltech CAN or OBD-II
  • Shift light RPM points and colors
  • Alarm thresholds, color for on-screen display and shift lights, manual or auto reset methods


  • User adjustable brightness control with automatic dimming
  • User configurable channels, units and alarms
  • Configuration via Haltech IC-7 software and USB cable
  • Screen size: 7in. Case size: 217 x 122mm (8.5″ x 4.8″)


  • Ideal replacement for individual analogue gauge clusters
  • Easy to install and configure
  • 14 programmable, seven color shift light LEDs
  • Controlled via easily accessible, face-mounted control buttons
  • IP66 water resistance rating
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