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HKS GTIII-RS Turbo Pro Kit FRS/BRZ/86 - 11001-KT001

HKS GTIII-RS Turbo Pro Kit FRS/BRZ/86 - 11001-KT001

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GTIII-RS Bolt-On Turbo Kit with Catless Extension for BRZ/FR-S/86 by HKS - Catted Version 11001-AT005


HKS has released a long-waited Bolt-on Turbo Kit with GTIII-RS turbine for 86/BRZ.

The HKS Turbo Kit for the 2017+ Toyota 86, 2013+ Subaru BRZ, & 2013-2016 Scion FR-S was designed and engineered to add a significant power bump to the ZN6/ZC6 chassis. It is a 100% bolt-on kit shown to provide ~350 hp with a stock FA20. The kit can be used on it's own, or paired with other upgrades for more power (built motor tested to ~450 hp).

The kit includes all the necessary hard parts for installation. You will need to purchase engine management separately (piggy back or stand-alone), larger injectors are necessary (440cc or higher recommended), and upgrade the (for 3 BAR boost) pressure sensor.

GTIII-RS turbine is the best match with 2L engine, special designed turbo housing, and other special parts are made by HKS special turbo technology.
This kit is available from a stock to tuned engine.
The engine output will reach 450ps when this kit is installed to a Tuned/Built engine.

*Another kit including the extension with CAT is additionally available.

*This kit can be used with HKS S-TYPE OIL COOLER KIT.
※OIL COOLER KIT is NOT included in this kit.

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