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HKS Super Fire Racing Coil Pro GTR

HKS Super Fire Racing Coil Pro GTR

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The HKS Super Fire Racing Coil Pro has been designed to increase spark performance and overall durability of the ignition system.


  • RB26:
    • As featured on the HKS RB26 Complete Engine build not available as a separate kit
    • Secondary voltage is increased up to 1.5 times providing a strong and reliable spark and preventing misfire at high RPM
    • Black alumite treated bracket with red coil spaces to ensure a great look in the engine bay with increased durability
    • The cap spark rubber is specially designed to match the spark plug to prevent flashover
    • Additional O-rings on both sides of the coil spacer ensures the engine head side is dustproof and waterproofed and the plate side is soundproof.
    • Easy to install with special brackets, spacers, harnesses, and cap spark rubber.
    • Built-in power transistor on each coil, so the standard power transistor in the BNR32 & BCNR33 is eliminated


  • Standard stock plug cover cannot be installed
  • Use only with ECU that allows dwell time adjustment
  • HKS SUPER FIRE RACING Series spark plugs are recommended for best performance
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