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IAG Street Series Oil Pan Package | 02-14 WRX / 04-21 STI / 05-09 LGT / 04-13 FXT

IAG Street Series Oil Pan Package | 02-14 WRX / 04-21 STI / 05-09 LGT / 04-13 FXT

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Subaru EJ Oil Pan Package (Street Series) by IAG Performance

IAG offers their V2 Oil Pickup, Street Series Baffle and Windage Tray combined with their New Oil Pan as a complete package.

The IAG Street Series Oil Pan for the Subaru WRX and STI is uniquely designed and CNC machined to suit a wide range of street and track applications. The cast aluminum oil pan was designed with fitment for a larger variety of popular headers in mind, while still increasing oil capacity up to 30% over OEM. Internally, the pan includes an integrated, stainless steel, Street Series Oil Baffle that is designed to prevent oil inside the pan from sloshing around and creating cavitation, which can lead to oil starvation. The baffle is engineered to be removable for future upgrades and easy cleaning.

The job of the windage tray is to help direct oil from the upper crankcase down into the lower crankcase and oil pan area. Manufactured from stainless steel, precision-formed louvers direct oil downwards and help to prevent oil that is draining from the cylinder heads in the lower crankcase area from sloshing upwards into the path of the crankshaft and connecting rods, thus reducing aeration.

The IAG Performance Subaru WRX / STI oil pickup is designed to replace the OEM EJ25 oil pickup which is prone to failure. It's a well-known fact that the OEM oil pickups often crack and fail which in most cases destroys your motor from lack of oil pressure. To avoid the cracking failures seen in the OEM oil pickup tubes, the IAG oil pickup is manufactured from heavy-gauge steel tubing that is 2x thicker than OEM. Additionally, it features a flange machined from 3/8" stainless steel to mate with the block, sealed with a Viton O-ring. The integrated heavy-duty stainless steel mounting bracket uses two mounting points rather than the OEM single mounting point. Furthermore, the oil pickup features a formed bottom with an OEM style mesh screen for proper filtration. The TIG-welded oil pickup increased material thickness matched with the two-point heavy-duty mounting bracket helps ensure it does not fatigue and fail over time like an OEM unit.


  • Cast Aluminum Oil Pan with Machined Flanges and Cooling Fins
  • Street Series Oil Pan Baffle Designed to Prevent Oil From Sloshing Around and Creating Cavitation
  • Windage Tray Helps Direct Oil From the Upper Crankcase Down Into the Lower Crankcase and Oil Pan Area
  • V2 Oil Pickup Features a Formed Bottom With an OEM Style Mesh Screen for Proper Filtration

Please Note: IAG oil pickup spacer is included and required when using the IAG oil pickup.

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