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JDC Coolant Expansion Tank (R35 GT-R)

JDC Coolant Expansion Tank (R35 GT-R)

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Titanium Cap Color

JDC Coolant Expansion Tank

The JDC Coolant Expansion Tank is exactly what your GT-R should have come with from the factory. The ugly plastic yellow tank is an eyesore and must go! This tank is made from 6061 aluminum and is powder coated satin black for a super clean look! The tank is easy to install with the included titanium hardware and reuses the factory hoses. It includes a cap that comes with our beautiful titanium badge for that final touch! We've also thrown in an additional cap cover to add to the thermostat housing cap so they both match!

What's In the Box?

  • Aluminum coolant expansion tank
  • Reservoir coolant cap with JDC Titanium badge
  • Bottom coolant fitting
  • Top overflow fitting
  • Extra cap cover for thermostat housing cap
  • Titanium mounting hardware


  • 2009-2020 Nissan GT-R

Titanium Cap Color Options:

    • Burnt (Pictured with silver laser logo)
    • Bare (With burnt laser logo)
    • Bare (With dark laser logo)
    • Blue (With silver laser logo)
    • Purple¬†
    • (With silver laser logo)
    • Bronze¬†
    • (With silver laser logo)
    • Gold¬†
    • (With silver laser logo)
    • Rainbow¬†
  • (With silver laser logo)
  • Custom Color (Leave us a note at checkout or email us for your color option. Click here for info on titanium coloring options)

Please note: The included titanium hardware will be the same color as the cap cover by default unless you leave us a note or contact us by email after your purchase has been made. 

About our titanium:

  • Each piece is CNC machined or laser-cut from a single piece of Ti6Al-4V (Grade 5) titanium.
  • Each piece is brushed or polished before receiving our proprietary cold anodizing treatment for colors that will last a lifetime!
  • Available in bare, burnt, rainbow, or multiple solid colored finishes.
  • ¬†If you would like your part anodized in a custom color please contact us before ordering to make sure we can accommodate your request.
  • For a color chart and information on our titanium products please click¬†here.

Installation: (See installation video below by Brian Perez)

  1. If you plan to reuse your coolant, you can use a turkey baster or other type of pump to remove the fluid.
  2. Remove the two upper hoses.
  3. Remove the factory mounting bolts on both sides of the reservoir to allow you to reach the bottom hose.
  4. Remove the bottom hose (be careful to not leak fluid everywhere)
  5. Remove the reservoir and replace with the JDC reservoir.
  6. Reinstall all hoses and make sure clamps are in place.
  7. Install new titanium mounting hardware bolts with included washers.
  8. Refill the reservoir to your desired level.
  9. Clean the thermostat housing cap with rubbing alcohol.
  10. Peel backing from 3M tape on the titanium cap cover and press it into its place on the thermostat housing cap.
  11. Check for leaks.
  12. Step back and admire the huge difference this part makes in your engine bay!
  13. Don't forget to share your pictures on instagram and tag us! (@JD_Customs_USA)

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