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JDC Coil on Plug "Show Series" Wire Harness (Evo 4-9)

JDC Coil on Plug "Show Series" Wire Harness (Evo 4-9)

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JDC Coil on Plug "Show Series" Hideaway Wire Harness

This harness uses the same high-quality connectors, military spec tefzel wire, and wire sheath as our standard COP wire harness, but this one hides under the mounting plate for a super clean, wire tucked look! This harness offers the same quality and performance as you'd expect from any product offered by JD Customs USA.

How is this harness different?

Both leads come out from the valve cover on the right side and are concealed by a single wire sheath. The right side connector makes its hidden connection behind the thermostat housing and the left side lead can be ran under or over the intake manifold to make its connection behind the valve cover for another hidden connection. 

Will it fit my Ignition System?

This high-quality harness is made specifically to fit the JDC "Show Series" mounting plates, which can be purchased separately here. No modifications are needed for this harness to fit the mounting plate.

This harness may fit your ignition system with Denso coils, but we cannot guarantee the routing of the harness would be the same as if it were used on the JDC Show Series mounting plate. 


  • Fully assembled
  • Waterproof
  • High-quality wire sheath
  • Military Spec Tefzel wire
  • Pins are professionally crimped and sealed
  • Hidden appearance
  • Cleaner look
  • Lifetime warranty

Notes for cleanest install:

  • This harness does require you to remove the tape or wire loom from your factory ignition harness and move the connection to behind the valve cover. No wires need to be cut to do this. You will need to tape the wire or use another type of wire loom to protect the wires once they are moved. This is a very easy task to complete and¬†hides the connectors from being seen, which gives your car a"wire tucked" look.¬†

Watch the install video below:

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