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JDC Premium COP Ignition System with GT-R Coils (Evo 4-9)

JDC Premium COP Ignition System with GT-R Coils (Evo 4-9)

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JDC Premium Coil-on-Plug Ignition System (Evo 4-9)

* NEW: Forged Carbon Fiber Mounting Plates are Now Available! 

This system utilizes authentic Hitachi R35 GT-R ignition coils to withstand upwards of 1100+ horsepower without needing a CDI box! We chose to go with the Japanese made Hitachi coils instead of NGK coils, which are made in Mexico. The Hitachi coils on the 2009+ GT-R are known to handle 1700+whp, and that's why they're the oem choice for the R35 GT-R. This system will plug straight into your factory wire harness without any modifications. It's a simple, 10-minute installation.


This ignition system is designed for use with the stock ECU on Evo 4-9 and is compatible with AEM EMS V1 & V2, Haltech, MegaSquirt, and the SunAuto Hyperforce. This system will NOT work with CDI boxes or the HKS DLI. Make sure to select the correct option for your motor. Evo 9 systems have a different mounting plate for the MIVEC valve cover. Evo 4-8 uses the same exact mounting plates.

Note: We have addressed the issue with the stem and bottom boot not being quite long enough to properly seal around the spark plug. We now use a longer boot and spring to make sure the spark plug is insulated properly below the ribbed section. We've always used 16 gauge wire with these kits instead of 18 gauge to ensure proper voltage. Buy with confidence! 


  • Authentic Hitachi¬†coils (Made in Japan)
  • Choice of solid carbon fiber (no fillers), Gr5 Titanium, or Black Anodized 6061 Aluminum mounting plate
  • Choice of stainless steel or titanium mounting hardware
  • Designed to work for stock power levels up to 1100+whp
  • High-quality military spec wire sheath¬†rated to 428degF
  • 16g military spec tefzel wire, rated to 393degF
  • Sealed connectors on all ends for waterproof connections
  • Longer bottom boots and springs¬†to properly insulate spark plugs
  • Plug and Play (no assembly required)¬†
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate partial throttle bucking
  • Better idle quality
  • Quicker and easier start especially in colder weather with E85
  • Run more boost without spark blowout issues
  • Run more gap for better fuel burn and increased mpg
  • Plugs last longer due to less fouling
  • Plug changes take minutes less
  • No problem-prone CDI Boxes
What's in the box?
  • Assembled JDC Premium Coil-On-Plug Ignition System
  • Completely sealed waterproof wire harness
  • Mounting Hardware
  • 15 amp fuse
  • QR code for online instructions

Warranty Information:

  • Coils- 3 years
  • Wire harness & mounting plate- Lifetime
  • Warranty only applies to the original buyer and is non-transferable¬†
  • Warranty does not cover water damages or any other abnormal issues due to improper maintenance or care.

Tuning and Usage Notes:

  • We suggest installing your cop system with dielectric grease to reduce the chances of corrosion in the springs.
  • We suggest¬†setting the¬†factory dwell time at 3.4ms @14v to help keep the coils cool.
  • These upgraded coils can¬†support up to 4.5ms which would allow you to run an even larger spark plug gap for better combustion, which could support even more horsepower.
  • For example, 3.0ms @14v has easily supported 870whp on a mustang dyno.
  • Saturation that could shorten the life of the coils and cause premature failure would be around 5.5ms @14v.
  • For high power builds a .014 - .018 spark plug gap may be sufficient but will vary depending on your individual vehicle.


Please allow an average of 1-3 business days for your order to ship. (This is an estimated time and may take longer depending on the number of orders and availability of parts.) For more information give us a call at 423-665-9616 or send an email to

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