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JDC Titanium Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit (1G DSM)

JDC Titanium Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit (1G DSM)

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JDC Titanium Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit

Using the factory exhaust manifold bolts and studs with an aftermarket turbo can result in stripped or broken bolts and inadequate sealing force, which will result in an exhaust leak. This kit will allow you to properly seal the exhaust manifold to the cylinder head and will never rust or corrode! The JDC titanium stud kit is made from a Ti6Al-4V (Grade 5) titanium and incorporates a hex key tip that allows them to be easily installed using an Allen wrench.

For a color chart and information on our titanium products please click here


  • 1990-1994 Eclipse GST/GSX
  • 1990-1994 Talon TSi
  • 1990-1994 Laser RS
  • 1991-1993 Galant VR4


  • 45% lighter than stainless steel, while being way stronger!
  • Will not corrode like your stock steel bolts or studs
  • Available in multiple colored finishes
  • Hex key tip for easy installation
  • Available in 12 point or 6 point nuts

What's Included:

  • (9)¬†M8x1.25x45mm¬†Studs, Nuts, & Washers

Installation tips:

  • A touch of anti-seize is recommended for installation
  • Check the clearance on your manifold before ordering. Some manifolds will have less clearance than others. If you have a manifold with sharp angle bends straight out of the head flange, we recommend using six-point nuts, which will allow you to use an open-end wrench to tighten them. Twelve-point nuts would require a closed-end wrench to tighten and may not have enough room to get on the nut once the studs are in place. Check for clearance before ordering and you shouldn't have any issues.¬†
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