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JDC Titanium Steering Wheel Overlay (Evo 7/8/9)

JDC Titanium Steering Wheel Overlay (Evo 7/8/9)

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JDC Titanium Steering Wheel Overlay

The JDC Titanium Steering Wheel Overlay is an easy way to dress up your factory Momo steering wheel. This thin titanium overlay fits right on the face of the steering wheel and doesn't require any modifications for installation. The steering wheel and airbag  do not have to be removed for installation. Each piece is laser cut for precise fitment and hand brushed before receiving our proprietary cold anodizing treatment for the vibrant colors we're known for! 


  • Laser-cut for a precise fit
  • No modifications are required for installation
  • Hand brushed
  • Colored using our proprietary cold anodizing treatment
  • Laser-etched logos
  • Available in bare, burnt, rainbow, or multiple solid colored finishes.
  • If you would like your part anodized in a custom color please contact us before ordering to make sure we can accommodate your request.¬†We do not offer black or red.
  • For a color chart and information on our titanium products please click¬†here.


  • Evo 7/8/9 with factory Momo Steering Wheel
  • May also fit on custom wheels that utilize an OEM core

Logo Options:

  • Factory Momo Logo (includes JDC Titanium Logo underneath)
  • Custom Logo (Email your design or ideas to after your purchase)
  • Note: JDC Titanium logo is standard on all pieces and cannot be removed.¬†

What's In The Box?

  • (1) JDC Titanium Steering Wheel Overlay
  • JDC steering wheel is not included but may be purchased separately here.

Installation Instructions: (Gloves are recommended during installation to keep fingerprints off the titanium overlay.)

  1. Remove the three black plastic clips from the spokes. These clips may have some glue holding them on if they've never been removed, but should still be easy to remove by hand.
  2. Tape around the center ring so the face of the wheel doesn't get scratched when you pry off the center ring.
  3. Use a pry tool or a flat head screwdriver to carefully pry the center ring off. There are three plastic clips that hold the ring on the wheel.
  4. Place the titanium overlay on the wheel and line up each hole with the holes in the steering wheel. (No adhesive is required to hold the overlay in place since the three clips and center ring will hold it securely to the wheel.)
  5. Put the plastic clips back into their place. (For a more permanent solution use glue to secure the clips back in place.)
  6. Carefully line the center ring up with the three tabs and press it back into place.
  7. If the part gets fingerprints on it during installation, Windex or a Clorox wipe works great to clean it up. 
  8. Enjoy your new custom-looking steering wheel! 

Shipping Times:

  • All JDC titanium products are¬†made to order¬†unless otherwise stated on the item listing. Your estimated order shipping time can be anywhere from 5-20 business days and can vary depending on your order size, products ordered, and the difficulty of custom options requested.
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