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JDC Titanium Valve Cover Hardware Replacement Kit (Evo X)

JDC Titanium Valve Cover Hardware Replacement Kit (Evo X)

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JDC Titanium Valve Cover Hardware Replacement Kit

This kit replaces the rusty OEM valve cover hardware with beautiful CNC machined Gr5 titanium hardware! The valve cover bolts are designed to match the OEM specs for depth and diameter, but we've added our custom-designed head for a cleaner, more flush look! This kit will work on the plastic, or aluminum valve covers. We have two options available for you to select from.

Full Kit:

The full kit replaces all the valve cover hardware and also includes replacement hardware for your coils, wire harness brackets, and fuel rail line. The full kit includes:

  • (18) JDC custom head bolts with collar specifically designed for Evo X
  • (4) JDC custom head M6x20mm bolts for coils
  • (2) JDC custom head M6x12mm bolts for fuel rail line
  • (3)¬†JDC custom head M6x12mm bolts for valve cover brackets

Basic Kit:

The basic kit only includes the valve cover bolts themselves. The basic kit includes: 

  • (18) JDC custom head bolts with collar specifically designed for Evo X

About our Titanium:

JDC titanium hardware is made precision CNC machined 6AL-4V Grade 5 Titanium. They provide extremely high tensile strength, are corrosion resistant, all while being ultra lightweight. Available in multiple colors options. Each piece is hand polished before receiving our famous cold anodizing for beautiful, vibrant colors that will last for years to come! 

For a color chart and information on our titanium products please click here.

    For custom colors leave a note at checkout or send us an email.

    Installation Instructions:

    Gloves are recommended during installation to keep oils off of the titanium. If you don't have a set of clean gloves, washing your hands before touching the titanium parts will help. After the installation, you can wipe down the hardware to bring back the shine using soapy water or Windex with a microfiber rag. 

    Step 1:  Start by removing all the bolts from the valve cover except the bolts in holes 1 and 2 in the diagram below. These will help keep the valve cover centered while replacing the rest of the bolts. Insert the rest of the bolts and loosely hand tighten.

    Step 2: Following the torque diagram below; torque all the bolts to 26.5 +/- 8.8 inch lbs. in the order shown. When you reach bolt 18, replace bolts 1 and 2 with the new bolts. Continue the torque sequence with bolt 3 to 48.5 +/- 4.5 inch lbs. Do not forget to do the final torque on bolts 1 and 2. If you ordered a basic kit, you can stop here. If you ordered the full kit, proceed to step 3.

    Step 3: The 4 medium sized bolts (M6x20mm) are for the coil packs. Remove the old bolts and replace with the new titanium bolts. Hand tight will be fine those these. 

    Step 4: Remove the 3 old bolts from the wire clips on top of the valve cover. This will require pinching the black clip and removing it from the bracket to get the 10mm socket on the bolt. Replace these with the smallest bolts (M6x12mm). Hand tight is fine for these.

    Step 5: Remove the two bolts from the top of the fuel rail and replace them with the small titanium bolts (M6x12mm). Hand tight is fine for these as well.

    Step 6: Take a step back and admire the beauty of a custom titanium valve cover kit from JD Customs USA. Don't forget to take a few pictures and tag us @JD_Customs_USA! We usually repost installation pictures on our Instagram story! Thanks for your business and stay tuned for more Evo X parts and kits coming soon! 

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