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King XPG Series Main Bearings | Subaru EJ Series Engines (MB5382XPG)

King XPG Series Main Bearings | Subaru EJ Series Engines (MB5382XPG)

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King conducted extensive research into the unique oiling circumstances of the Subaru EJ series engines. What resulted is a completely re-engineered main bearing set that eliminates oil leakage and increases oil flow to the rod bearings. To improve oil flow, King XPG bearings feature oil slots instead of standard oil holes for better oil distribution in the groove and more consistent oil flow. Fully grooved number three main bearings enable 360° oiling to the rod bearings.

King XPG bearings feature a unique lug design that eliminates the conventional lug recess so no oil escapes and full oil pressure is maintained. In addition, narrowed bearing lengths help eliminate fillet ride on high-radius cranks. With enhanced tri-metal copper lead construction with nickel barrier and SecureBond adhesion, King XPG bearings have a 20 percent higher load capacity and better resist surface fatigue.

King Subaru XPG main and rod bearings are produced at the company’s AS9100 aerospace certified production facility and features the company’s new custom designed packaging with specially molded trays that securely hold each shell and prevent contact. Each bearing features ultra precise wall tolerances: All XPG shells are produced to0.0001” Bull’s Eye® wall accuracy and feature King’s 0.0005″ metallurgically enhanced and hardened XP performance overlay.

Subaru EJ Main Bearing Features

  • Eliminates Oil Leakage and Increases Oil Flow to the Rod Bearings
  • Oil Slots Instead of Oil Holes for Better Distribution in the Groove
  • Fully Grooved Main Bearings Enable 360deg Oiling
  • Unique Lug Design that Eliminates the Conventional Lug Recess
  • Narrowed Bearing Lengths Help Eliminate Fillet Ride on High-Radius cranks
  • Enhanced Tri-Metal Copper Lead Construction with Nickel Barrier and SecureBond Adhesion


  • Subaru EJ15 Engine
  • Subaru EJ16 Engine
  • Subaru EJ18 Engine
  • Subaru EJ20 Engine
  • Subaru EJ22 Engine
  • Subaru EJ25 Engine

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - Set of XPG Main Bearings


  • Manufacturer's Warranty

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