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Koyo Radiator Nissan Skyline GT-R | GT-S 2.6L Turbo 1994-1998

Koyo Radiator Nissan Skyline GT-R | GT-S 2.6L Turbo 1994-1998

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Built with a robust 48mm core, it is engineered for the serious performance tuner. Increased capacity means better cooling reserve when you need it. Intended for both circuit and daily use, you may double your coolant capacity and see up to 35% increased performance over your stock radiator. Unless noted otherwise, all Koyorad All Aluminum Radiators are Nocolok brazed, designed as a factory fit, direct bolt in with no engine modifications necessary, and retain mounts for the stock fan shrouds and fans.


  • Fits R33 Models with: RB20E, RB25DE, RB25DE, RB25DET, and RB26DETT. *M16 x P1.5 threaded port for A/C fan switch*
  • Also Fits R34 (Non GT-R) with:RB25DE, RB25DET, and RB25DE. If using this radiator on R34 Non GTR, M16 x P1.5 is required as R34 Non GTR does not have fan switch.
  • Nissan R33 Skyline GTR | GTS 2.6L TBO I6 (MT) 1994-1998
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