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Mitsubishi OEM Front Lip for Evo 9 SE

Mitsubishi OEM Front Lip for Evo 9 SE

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Genuine OEM Mitsubishi factory replacement front lip for the Evo 9 SE comes painted glossy white. Purchase includes just the front lip, but corresponding install parts are listed below. If you are simply replacing your OEM SE lip, it's a direct fit. You might want to pick up some extra MU488006 clips linked below.

Vehicle Fitment:
2006 Evolution IX Bumper
ā€¢ Not compatible with Evo VII or VIII bumpers

Swapping the SE lip onto a non-SE IX bumper:
For an Evo IX SE lip swap, you'll need the three undertray attachment pieces, 14 rivets and a couple more splash shield clips. They can be re-used, but if you ruined yours, we have them available below.

What Color is the Paint?
These lips come painted from Mitsubishi a "glossy white". It is a generic white and not specifically labeled as Wicked White or Weightless White. If it matches your white Evo, great! If you've got a different color Evo, it will need to be painted. For now, we are grateful for the paint, so at least the white Evo's have a chance to save some cash! These are no longer availableĀ painted any other color from Mitsu.

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