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Individual Racing Parts Short Shifter Assembly | Mitsubishi Evo V-IX

Individual Racing Parts Short Shifter Assembly | Mitsubishi Evo V-IX

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Mitsubishi Evo Short Shifter Assembly for by Individual Racing Parts

This IRP Evo Short shifter is essential to any dedicated track car, or even your daily driver that could use crisper, more precise shifts. Here it is - the IRP Short shifter for your Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V-IX 5 speed gearbox. A quick shift with easy-fit to your original shifter linkage.

Suitable for: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V, VI, VII, VIII, IX (1998-2008) 5 speed gearboxes with a standard H shifting pattern, this shift ensures that the coupling system and everything else remains completely untouched. A little trim on a center console needed(inside part).

Short and easy installation! Only basic knowledge and skills needed. Fits original mounting. So you can do it yourself! Full bolt-on package.


  • Fully adapted to install with OEM shift cables
  • Integrated centering spring
  • Performance manual short shifter
  • Fast & accurate quick shift
  • Adjustable handle angle towards left and right
  • Complementary finish
  • Bearings are used to move stick angular and rotational directions
  • Available in Black, Blue, and Red

Please Note: Some Trimming to Interior is needed!

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