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P&L Motorsports Engine Oil Cooler 2013+ BRZ/FRS

P&L Motorsports Engine Oil Cooler 2013+ BRZ/FRS

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The P&L Motorsports Engine Oil Cooler 2013+ BRZ/FRS is designed for those who want to decrease their heightened engine oil temps that are common on forced induction and/or motorsports applications. Sized appropriately for stock vehicles all the way up to vehicles with large turbo upgrades, this engine oil cooler kit is the solution for hot engine temperatures.

Allowing for an easy installation, this engine oil cooler system is a complete bolt-on kit. We’ve even provided compatibility with the factory optional foglights and turn indicators on the FRS. This kit has been designed from the ground up to provide the best solution for vehicles with front mount intercoolers and is compatible with the P&L Motorsports turbo kit and most aftermarket turbo kits.

Our kit has been specially designed with a mounting location of the heat exchanger away from the front mount intercooler on a turbocharger or air-cooled supercharger applications. Other kits on the market place the extremely hot oil cooler directly in front of the turbo kit’s front mount air intercooler. This placement is entirely counterproductive to cool the air change and should be avoided at all costs!

This engine oil cooler kit can be paired with our P&L Motorsports 2013+ BRZ/FRS Turbo Kit as well as many other kits on the market that utilize front mount intercoolers.


  • Setrab Heat Exchanger (13 x 5 x 2 inch)
  • -10 AN Stainless Steel Braided Oil Lines and Fittings
  • DEI Heat Sleeve for Oil Lines
  • Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter for Oil Supply
  • Plug and Play Motorsports Quality Wiring Harness (Optional)
  • 300 CFM Motorsports Quality Pull-Through Fan (Optional)
  • Automatic Fan Operation at Oil Temps of 190 Degrees F (Optional)
  • Fan Master On/Off Switch Capable (Available for Special Order)
  • CNC Plasma Cut Mounting Brackets
  • Compatible with Most Aftermarket Turbo Kits and Front Mount Intercoolers
  • Compatible with Factory Fog Lights and Turn Indicators


  • Setrab Heat Exchanger
  • -10 AN Stainless Steel Braided Oil Lines
  • -10 AN Fittings
  • DEI Heat Sleeve
  • Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter
  • Plug and Play Wiring Harness (Optional)
  • Mounting Brackets
  • All Necessary Hardware for Installation


  • 2013+ Subaru BRZ (Note: Will not fit with factory fog lights for BRZ)
  • 2013+ Scion FRS
  • 2013+ Toyota GT86 and other RHD Non-USDM Models
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