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Process West Black Top Mount Intercooler - Subaru STI 2008+

Process West Black Top Mount Intercooler - Subaru STI 2008+

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The Process West Top Mount Intercooler for the 2008-20 Subaru STI is one of the largest offered. The TMIC is designed to improve efficiency by lowering charge temperatures for vehicles with larger turbochargers and running higher boost levels. The bar and plate intercooler core measures 530mm x 193mm x 90mm and is direct replacement for the OEM intercooler.

Also supplied with this upgrade kit is the Process West Silicone Y-Pipe. The Y-Pipe is the connection between the turbo compressor outlet and the intercooler. This pipe due to the design of most Subaru top mount intercoolers, takes the shape of the letter 'Y'. Almost all of the aftermarket Y-pipes we see do not distribute the charge air flow along the intercooler evenly. Their Y-pipe usually consists of one nicely flowing section with an afterthought spout as the second duct.

Once install it is easy to see that the Process West Silicone Y-Pipe will give perfect charge air distribution. Combining all 3 features of out top mounted intercooler gives the perfectly designed top mounted intercooler for Subaru.

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