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Radium Engineering Direct Mount Fuel Pulse Damper Kits

Radium Engineering Direct Mount Fuel Pulse Damper Kits

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Fuel Pulse Damper Kits by Radium Engineering

The opening and closing of fuel injectors creates pressure pulses in the fuel rail which can lead to unstable fuel pressure. In order to achieve a safe and consistent rail pressure, a fuel pulse damper (FPD) is often necessary. The FPD's internal diaphragm will absorb oscillating pulses and stabilize fuel pressure. This correction can be measured throughout the RPM range and can often help idle surge, especially with high flow injectors. Furthermore, a fuel pulse damper can help solve erratic lean air/fuel ratio spikes, commonly experienced as "stumbling", that are difficult to tune out.

Along with having the flexibilty of using common fittings, Radium Engineering FPD's use a vacuum/boost reference port which allows for proper fuel pulse damper performance even at elevated fuel pressures. This becomes essential for boosted systems that use a 1:1 rising rate fuel pressure regulator. The anodized aluminum housing features two selectable threaded male fittings. The 8AN ORB (3/4"-16 UNF threads) version seals using a Viton O-ring while the 3/8" NPT variation seals with the tapered pipe threads.

What is the difference between FPD-R and FPD-XR? The FPD-R (green top) is slightly shorter than the FPD-XR (black top) allowing it to be used in space-contrained applications. The FPD-R and FPD-XR both have unique base "static" fuel pressure requirements, 40-45psi for the FPD-R and 43-78psi for the FPD-XR. These ranges are base static fuel pressures only. Any dynamic fuel pressure created by a rising-rate FPR outside of this range is acceptable, but only when the base "static" fuel pressure is set within these ranges and the vacuum/boost reference line is connected.


  • FPD-R base pressure requirement = 40 - 45psi (static)
  • FPD-XR base pressure requirement = 43 - 78psi (static)
  • Vacuum/boost reference port
  • Can Solve Erratic Lean Air/Fuel Ratio Spikes (Stumbling)
  • Can Help Eliminate Idle Surging
  • 8AN ORB and 3/8 NPT Threading Options Available
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