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Redline 75W80 High Performance Lightweight Synthetic Gear Oil Fluid

Redline 75W80 High Performance Lightweight Synthetic Gear Oil Fluid

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RED LINE SYNTHETIC GEAR OILS Designed to provide the highest degree of protection and greatest efficiency for your drivetrain. Red Line provides a complete line of drivetrain lubricants which are optimized for differential, transmission, or transaxle use over a wide range of temperatures. Red Line LightWeight Gear Oil - a 75W/80W GL-5 gear oil designed to lubricate transmissions and transaxles which recommend 80W GL-5 gear oils. It has excellent low- temperature flow which allows easier shifting when cold. Also has good synchro compatibility.

May be used to obtain maximum power transfer in racing differentials which do not see high temperatures. 

Provides the greatest gear protection available * Reduces differential and gearbox temperatures * Increases differential and gearbox durability * Rapid lubrication even in very cold weather * Improves shifting in manual transmissions * Provides improved drivetrain efficiency * Prevents foaming even at high speeds * Low corrosiveness reduces synchronizer wear * Stable even at elevated temperatures * Highest film strength available * Can be used in limited-slip and regular differentials * Suitable for competition and street use * Compatible with petroleum and other synthetics * Compatible with seals designed for petroleum * Satisfies requirements calling for API GL-5 and GL-6 * Allows extended drains in non-warranty vehicles

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