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REVEL VLS A/F Wideband 52mm Gauge

REVEL VLS A/F Wideband 52mm Gauge

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Tanabe Revel VLS gauges allow you to keep tabs on your engines vital signs while minimizing the time spent looking away from the road. the OLED display used in Tanabe gauges provides a crisp, clear display that does not require a backlight, which allows for an ultra slim profile that maximizes versatility and encourages creative mounting solutions. The numeric OLED display is accompanied by an LED ring around the perimeter of the gauge for readings at a glance.

Revel VLS gauges have been designed to connect in sequence, minimizing writing to keep your install clean. Once the first gauge is connected, adding another is as easy as plugging in the provided harness to the original gauge and routing it to the additional gauge, no need to connect each gauge individually to power. Each gauge comes packaged with the associated sensor, sun shade, mounting bracket, and all necessary wiring.

REVEL, VLS A/F WIDEBAND 52mm Gauge, 10.0:1 to 20.0:1 AFR Reading, Digital OLED Display, 30 LED Outer Ring, Bosch 4.9 LSU Sensor Included, Mounting Kit Included
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