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SpoolinUp Speed Density Harness for Evo 8/9

SpoolinUp Speed Density Harness for Evo 8/9

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An easy way to convert to Speed Density is here! The 3.5 foot long harness is made with with a custom molded male MAF connector, high quality OEM connectors, teflon military grade wire and high temperature wire sheath.

For a standard US market Evo, you just need the basic SD harness.

Vehicle Fitment:
2003-2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII IX

A few things will need to be done for the Basic SD Harness:
1. Installation of the GM IAT sensor into the intake manifold.

ā€¢ "SD Option: IAT Input for MAT - Use 0x03, Fuel Temp ADC_0E for MAT - Use 0x0E"
ā€¢ Default setting is 0x0E, you must change this.
ā€¢ IAT Scaling: Celsius - Fahrenheit

2. Installation of an aftermarket or JDM MAP Sensor.
3. Tephra v7 must be installed and tuned. This is no easy feat!

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