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Subaru 75W90 High Performance Gear Oil 1QT

Subaru 75W90 High Performance Gear Oil 1QT

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This is the stock fluid used in 2010 STI models. Its superior design helps to lessen the common 3-4 shift grind in higher mileage 5 speed WRX transmissions. This fluid will work in any Subaru that requires 75w90 fluid in transmissions and differentials. Customers have reported that shifting is smoother and less prone to grinding with Subaru Extra-S fluid. It's what Subaru uses and recommends!



  • 1-quart bottles
  • 75w90 Weight - GL-5
  • 5 Speed transmissions take 4 quarts
  • 6 Speed transmissions take 5 quarts
  • Rear differentials take 1 quart
  • For use in MANUAL transmissions only.
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