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Tanabe Medallion Touring Cat-Back Exhaust for R35 GTR

Tanabe Medallion Touring Cat-Back Exhaust for R35 GTR

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Tanabe Medallion Touring cat-back exhaust for R35 GTR is made of SUS304 stainless steel, mandrel bent piping. Features burned blue exhaust tips.

Vehicle Fitment:
2009+ Nissan R35 GTR

Tanabe exhaust systems are well known to have one of the most unique exhaust notes available. A trademark of the Tanabe exhaust system is the extremely clean, low, deep tone that is both pleasant and aggressive at all RPM ranges. Designed for motorsports, the exhaust system is also fully street-able and is built to be under 93db when used and installed as a factory replacement exhaust.

The Advantex muffler packing material greatly excels over other packing material types such as loose packed fiberglass mats and composite cube types. This allows the muffler to reduce sound more, with less material, while maintaining extremely high flow characteristics.

Features & Specs:
• 1.2mm Thin Wall Piping
• Hollow Exhaust Hangers
• Pressed SUS304 Exhaust Flanges
• Special Dual Wall Angle-Cut Tips
• Slim-Line Oval Canister w/ High Ground Clearance
• Highest Grade SUS304 Construction
• 70mm - 80mm Pipe Diameter (2.75" - 3")
• Straightest Form - Mandrel Bent

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