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Tillett B10 Carbon Racing Seat

Tillett B10 Carbon Racing Seat

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The B10 seat is stylish, lightweight, rigid and compact. It is based on our popular B6 race shape but modified to be more convenient as a daily driver. The B6 has always been a great seat for those that liked a low head position with an enveloping and ultra supportive shape, but often the race type belt holes were awkward when trying to feed a factory three point seat belt through. The B10ÔÇÖs cut away sides allow convenient use of the stock belts with the added benefit that getting in and out of the seat is also easier. However, we have been careful to make sure that the support of the driver is not compromised.┬á The front of the seat kicks up a little more than the B6, which not only aids drivers with longer legs but also helps if the seat were to be angled to a more upright position. A more upright seat allows a comfortable arm length in saloon cars, where the steering column cannot be extended, or lengthened towards the driver. The headrest height has been raised over the B6 seat so that a driver with a long torso does not run out of headrest support.

The B10 has been given a modern fresh look and although its highly technical laminate is rigid and tough, it weighs only 4.5 kg / 9.7 lbs. The seat comes complete with a Dinamica® suede covered headrest pad. The optional suede covered cushion and back panels add 1 kg and are recommended when the car is intended for mainly road use.

The B10 can also use a full six point race harness and is Hans compatible for those with a serious track car.  The seat uses our latest FIA seat fittings to make certain it is mounted securely and can use all of our 2° bracket range.

Key features

  • Driver is connected positively to the tyres and road surface
  • Saloon car seating angle
  • B6 based shape with swept away sides for easy vehicle access and road seat belts
  • Strength and rigidity of a twin skin moulding
  • 4.5kg, weights can vary by 10%
  • Choice of high gloss carbon/GRP, or black gloss GRP finish
  • Driver is lowered compared to standard saloon seats
  • Suits drivers up to 100 kg 36 inch jeans waist size
  • Compatible with road seat belts or race harness and a 20┬░ Hans device (5 or 6 point race harness recommended)
  • Stainless steel side mounting points
  • Dinamica┬« covered headrest panel included as standard.
  • Option of cushion and back panels covered in Dinamica┬« suede
  • Panel set weight is approximately 1kg and is recommended for road use
  • Body mirroring shape is comfortable without padding
  • A great option for open top cars and harsh environments
  • Compatible with Tillett 2┬░ side mount brackets
  • Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

Seat bracket options

  • STBi are 5 mm aluminium which is black powder coated and point inwards under the seat.
  • STBO is a powder coated 5mm thick aluminium version of the outward pointing VTBO.
  • VTBi brackets made from 3mm powder coated steel and point inwards under the seat.
  • VTBO brackets are the same design as the VTBi but point outwards.
  • TB FIA aluminium billet brackets point outwards and are used in all our FIA crash tests.
  • EBS steel brackets for fitting the seat to the Elise/Exige.
  • EBR+ERAIL for post 2017 cars*
  • EBR brackets for fitting the seat to the standard Lotus runner system.
  • EBR 2017+ for fitting the seat to the runners of the post 2017 cars*
  • EBP super light billet aluminium race bracket for fitting the driver seat solidly. *

* Fits Elise/Exige cars manufactured post 2017 when the adjustment runners changed from 383 mm to 345 mm length.

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