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Tillett B2 Carbon Race Car Seat

Tillett B2 Carbon Race Car Seat

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The ultra-lightweight B2 seat weighs only 3 kg and is made from glossy carbon fiber. The seat is designed for a low reclined driving position, which is suited to race or track day vehicles. Due to the compact shape, this seat fits into many vehicles that could not take a regular performance car seat. Some drivers also prefer a seating position that allows for their legs to be more bent, which the B2 design enables by slightly elevating the driver’s upper legs. The B2 can be run with a 5/6-point full racing harness. A 4 point or OEM 3-point belt is not recommended on a reclined seat. Like most Tillett seats, the shape of the B2 is comfortable enough that it does not require padding, making it ideal for open topped cars. The seat includes a Dinamica® suede covered headrest pad. Matching back and cushion pads are available as an add-on option which add about 1 kg in weight. There are three bracket options with this seat:

  • TB1: point inward under the seat and keep a small footprint. They allow adjustment of the seat angle and mount directly either to a flat floor, or the TR1 runner system.
  • TB4: a 30 mm taller version of the TB1.
  • The new TBFIAO8: fully machined billet aluminium brackets that point outward from the seat. Optionally, these can be used with TR2 sliders, though we recommend hard mounting seats whenever possible for track cars.

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