Tillett B9 Carbon Race Car Seat Edges Off Slight Second

Tillett B9 Carbon Race Car Seat Edges Off Slight Second

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Ideal for street and performance cars where weight saving is a priority, the all-carbon B9 is the replacement for the discontinued B1 seat. Made from lightweight carbon fiber, it weighs only 3 kg. It's the highest-end road car seat in the Tillett range and a popular install into Nissan GT-R, Lamborghini, BMW M3 and other performance cars that require a comfortable seat for the road, performance on the track and stylish looks.

The carefully sculptured surfaces of the B1 make seating comfortable for a wide variety of driver sizes. The seat can be run with or without pads, and the pads can be special order customized to fit the interior style. The seat has a regular sedan seating angle and can accommodate a full racing harness or a standard 3 point car seat belt. For the lap belts, the seat’s design does not require holes to feed the belt through, allowing an easy and comfortable install for a road-legal car’s 3-point belts.

The lap belt simply goes across the top of the seat like any other standard car seat, yet there is no compromise in the way the seat hugs you and keeps you firmly in place for spirited or track driving. All B9 seats come with a Dinamica® suede-covered headrest pad. Matching back and cushion pads are available as an add-on option, which add about about 1 kg of weight. The recommended brackets for this seat are the TB F1 (tuck underneath the seat to mount) and the TB F5 (point outwards for easier access to chassis mounts).

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