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Tomei 3" Widemouth Downpipe | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evo X

Tomei 3" Widemouth Downpipe | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evo X

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Outlet Component Kit Expreme 4B11 CZ4A with Titan Exhaust Bandage

After testing a variety of shapes and pipe diameters here at Tomei R&D Lab, we found the optimum tuning point for the best performance balance. This design will extract the full capabilities from the EVO 10 4B11 engine. The design also retains the original layout to help with the ease of installation and compatibility for other exhaust parts.

The smooth flowing design, without steps from the turbocharger. Manufactured with the lost wax process, combines both strength and beauty. The stainless flex section makes it easy to install with minimal risks to cracking the stainless steel exhaust manifolds from vibrations. The Supra Bands made by MIKALOR is what we have chosen to use, since they maintain the strongest torque to secure a proper strong connection. We also used Nejiname bolts.


  • Direct bolt on that retains the original stock layout
  • Lost Wax casting process for maximum durability, precision without welds
  • Larger in size and diameter, smooth without any steps
  • The larger curve design makes it possible for a much larger capacity
  • Improved efficiency through with a more linear layout
  • The wide mouth was designed to be easy to install with the general common work tools
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