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Tomei PROCAM Camshaft Sets | 1989-2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Tomei PROCAM Camshaft Sets | 1989-2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R

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VALC Profile ProCam Camshafts by Tomei

The Velocity, Acceleration, Lift and Control (VALC) profile allows the valves to open faster and for longer. This translates to faster lift and increased area under the 'lift curve', which in turn generates more power. Unlike the valve opening, the VALC profile ensures that the valves close at a slower rate, helping to prevent common valve train related issues.

With a conventional direct-acting valve train, the maximum lift is usually determined by the size/diameter of the valve lifter. Selecting a high-lift camshaft without taking this into consideration often results in the camshaft lobes travelling beyond the surface of the valve lifter. This causes the lobe to make contact with the edge of the lifter, damaging both components over time. Therefore, the ideal performance orientated high-lift camshaft needs to have a profile that maximizes lobe travel on the lifter without exceeding the outer edge. VALC profile camshafts have achieved this ideal by deliberately reducing the maximum cam velocity to limit lobe travel on the lifter surface. Compared to standard profile camshafts of the same lift, VALC profile camshafts are able to then then off-set the difference for even greater lift/performance gains.

Machining each lobe to the strictest tolerances allows for smoother and more precise adjustments in valve clearances. Strict phase angle tolerances minimizes the risk of valve timing issues and ensures each valve opens and closes precisely. Our research showed that some camshafts from other manufacturers had more than 5 degrees difference in the phase angle! This makes it near impossible to achieve the correct valve timing.


  • Designed for high power setups
  • VALC Profile design
  • Reduced stress/wear on the valve train
  • Higher lift than other profiles of the duration

Why Heavy Duty Steel over Aluminum?

Tomei ProCam Camshafts require Tomei Type-A/Type-B Valve springs for installation (P/Ns 173001 and 173002). Tomei Valve Lifters are also required (P/N TA307A-NSO5A).

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