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Turbosmart WG45 GenV Hypergate 45 Lite 7psi - Black

Turbosmart WG45 GenV Hypergate 45 Lite 7psi - Black

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Gen V Hyper-Gate 45 7psi External Wastegate by Turbosmart

The 5th series wastegate range has been designed for maximum user-adjustability, without compromising performance. We designed our new unit to allow actuators to be interchangeable across the range. So, if you need a large wastegate in a tight space you can run a smaller actuator on the larger body. Additionally, if you decide to upgrade your new wastegate to a Motorsport or compressed gas-only actuator you can with an upgrade kit.

The unique variable adjustment design allows the wastegate actuator base to be oriented independently from the weld flanges. The cap is also completely independent and indexable in 12 different positions compared to the actuator base and body. This allows the wastegate to be fitted in confined positions without compromising packaging for fittings or aligning the cap. Due to the modular construction, the new range is also upgradeable and completely serviceable, as all components can be removed or upgraded. Components have been tested for over one million cycles so reliability will be rock-solid.

Our new range of wastegates out-flow all competitors thanks to our world-leading engineering and simulation abilities. Thermal performance has been improved drastically compared to our nearest rival, and all wastegates feature liquid cooling ports for further thermal performance if required. For fine-tuning, boost performance, a selection of springs will be supplied with each wastegate. All wastegates feature 1/8″ NPT ports for maximum response and flow while maintaining a high level of compatibility for fittings.


  • Modular interchangeable actuators
  • Independently orientated actuator base
  • New strap type V band clamps
  • Increased thermal and flow performance
  • A diaphragm design that offers linear travel; regardless of spring, pressure and valve positioning, while improving response.
  • Integrated water cooling ports (if required)

Please Note: This product does not have a CARB EO #; it is not legal for sale or use in CA on pollution controlled motor vehicles. This is intended as a "Race Only" product to be used solely for competition.


  • Universal

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - Gen V Wastegate - Black
  • 1 - Valve seat
  • 1 - Inlet V-band clamp
  • 1 - Inlet weld flange
  • 1 - Outlet V-band clamp
  • 1 - Outlet weld flange
  • 1 - Collar tool
  • 1 - Spring kit
  • 1 - Fitting kit



  • Manufacturer Standard Warranty

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