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EXEDY Triple Cerametallic Clutch Kit for Subaru STi

EXEDY Triple Cerametallic Clutch Kit for Subaru STi

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The EXEDY Triple Cerametallic Clutch Kit for the 2004-2020 Subaru STi models is honestly one of our favorite clutches for high power builds that are driven on the street. The EXEDY Triple offers a great clamping force for the track and delivers a light, manageable clutch pedal for the street. We use this clutch in builds from 450 to 900 WHP.

Vehicle Fitment:
• 2004-2020 Subaru STi

Why do I need a triple plate clutch?
Multi plate clutch kits (Twin & Triple Disc) simply put have more than one clutch disc. The stock clutch comes with one disc and by having two or three discs, you essentially double or triple the surface area to be clamped. If you are like most STi owners, you have probably doubled or tripled your power... so you need to compensate with a more powerful clutch. There will also be intermediate plates between the discs and especially with the Triple kits, when you push in the clutch pedal, you'll hear those plates rattling around free. That's totally normal and fun to mess with your friends.

• Street, Drag, Road and Rally Race
• Purple Anodized Forged Aluminum Clutch Cover
• Pull-Type Design
• Cerametallic Discs
• Rated for 766 TQ

FM023SB Triple Cerametallic Subaru STi Clutch Kit

Notes Hyper Triple Cerametallic Clutch
Rigid Disc
Pull Type Cover
Clamp Load 2203
Disc Diameter (Inches) 7.9
Disc Diameter (Millimeters) 200
Kit Contents CM03S, PP02, IM02, DL03R, DL03R, DL03R, CH10, FR01, FM13, BS05, BS01, PR01, BF08 and Alignment Tool
Spline Count 24
Spline Size (Inches) 1
Spline Size (Millimeters) 25.2
Torque Capacity (ft/lbs.) 766

Completely Rebuildable!
Check the link below, we have all the options you'll need when it comes time to rebuild. You can even convert to a triple disc if you're making more power!

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