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Whiteline Sway Bar Heavy-Duty - Front - 26mm

Whiteline Sway Bar Heavy-Duty - Front - 26mm

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The standard sway bar links are very compliant. The rubber bushes easily distort, while the actual plastic link flexes under load. This may be quite acceptable for everyday use, however it does severely limit the effectiveness of the sway-bars. Even worse, if you use high performance options like Blade Adjustables. The original Rear Links distort enough to reduce the rear bar rate by up to 80kg of force.

Aftermarket sway bars add even higher loads, which can lead to premature cracks and mounting failure. Fit bigger rear bars with confidence or just upgrade your OE brackets to remove mounting flex. Specially strengthened to handle adjustable bars.

Notes: Replacement type: 26mm. Includes 1.

Fits: Mitsubishi - Lancer EVO VII-VIII-IX (01-06)


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