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XClutch Stage 1 Solid Organic Clutch Disc W/ Hydraulic Release Bearing for the GR Corolla 2023+

XClutch Stage 1 Solid Organic Clutch Disc W/ Hydraulic Release Bearing for the GR Corolla 2023+

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XClutch performance upgrades have been engineered to provide the ultimate in clutch performance. Utilizing the latest pressure plate design and friction material composition, XClutch upgrades offer the ideal balance between drivability and performance for different vehicle applications. The pivot point and diaphragm design are carefully analyzed to ensure positive pedal feel and increased clamping force.

With one of the world's most advanced clutch testing and R&D facilities, in-house vehicle testing and over 30 years of clutch experience, XClutch performance upgrades offer the highest levels of engineering and product development for your street vehicle, 4x4 or dedicated race car.

Primarily designed for road-going vehicles, XClutch Stage 1 clutch kits deliver substantial increases in performance and torque holding capabilities whilst retaining ease of drivability.

XClutch solid organic disc kits offer excellent drivability and a lightweight construction for reduced inertia on the input shaft, as well as improved shift times.

Part Details

  • Alignment Tool Included:¬†Yes
  • Clutch Disc Diameter:¬†9 7/16 in.
  • Clutch Slave Cylinder Included:¬†Yes
  • Disc Material:¬†Organic
  • Disc Type Sprung Solid:¬†Solid
  • Flywheel Bolts Included:¬†No
  • Flywheel Included:¬†No
  • Input Shaft Diameter:¬†1 in.
  • Input Spline Quantity:¬†23
  • Pressure Plate Bolts Included:¬†No
  • Release Bearing Included:¬†Yes
  • Clamping Force % Increase:¬†N/A
  • Flywheel Step:¬†-0.375
  • Friction Surface Configuration:¬†Recessed
  • Maximum Torque:¬†410 lb
  • Recommended Use:¬†Street Use
  • Spline Grease Included:¬†Yes
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